Thursday, March 31, 2011

RHINO LIP - The ONLY Universal Front Bumper Lip Splitter / Side Skirts Extension


Universal Front & Rear Bumper Lip / Splitter / Side Skirt Extension

High Quality Silicone Rubber = Tough and Durable


What is Rhino Lip?

Rhino Lip can be used as a Front & Rear Bumper Lip / Splitter / Side Extension Trim which is made by USA Manufactured High Quality Silicone Flexible Rubber.

Why do we use Rhino Lip?

Look Good - Looking for JDM or OEM look front lip/side skirts extension but do not want to pay over $200? Do not want to crack/scratch your expensive bumper but still want to look lower?
Rhino Lip gives your vehicle a more aggressive look in a cheaper way. You can put it on your front bumper, side skirt and rear bumper.

Durable and   Flexible
- Made from HIGH Quality U.S.A. Custom Extruded High Silicone Content EPDM Rubber which allows it to conform to any type of bumper.

Easy to Install
- Looking for some DIY project during the boring weekend? Just Align & Screws this rubber lip with scerws and washers. Isn't it simple? Just Some DIY Skills, Planning, Good Weather & Common Sense & Execution = 100% Install.

Weather Proof
- It can withstand in any weather. STAY AWAY FROM STICK ON FOAMLIP (eg. Ez-Lip)

More Protection
- Protect High-Cost Nicely Painted Fiberglass Lip Spoiler-Splitters & Side Skirts from rock chips, scrapes or road rash.

RHINO Lip VS Other Ebay Stick On EZ foam Lip 

A review and installation guide of the one and only Rhino Lip

Rhino Lip Video

How it looks on various cars


  • Length : 235cm
  • Color : BLACK
  • Material : HIGH Quality U.S.A. MADE Silicone Content EPDM Rubber
  • Tools Required (Not Supplied): Screws & Washers 10-15 Sets, Double-Side Tape(Optional) or whatever suit the applications. READ installation manual for more suggestions.
  • Installation manual can be found below.
  • The double side tape is ONLY to help installation easiler.
  • This product need to screw on to the applications for installation.
  • CANNOT USE double side tape ONLY, It will be fall off.
  • It is high flexiblility EPDM Rubber. You can cut to proper length.
  • It can be mounted on all vehicles depends on the curve of the bumpers.
  • Measurement for some applications. (Each listing will suit ONE of the following applications)
    Front Lip - 235cm
    Side skirts (Left,Right) - 200cm × 2ea
    Rear Lip - 235cm

    You must check the length required before order.

IF your Application Needs Just a "Little More". Drop Us a Note At Check-Out/Payment & We'll Include that little bit of *Extra* Without Any Charges.


Please READ the installation manual and understand what you are getting as straightly NO REFUND will be given just because you change of mind or you are not a DIY person. However we accept return and swap for other products if you change your mind.
Read the PDF document to make sure you know what you are getting. THANKS!!!

For all your sales/inquiries, please email us or call/sms us @ 0422 556 448 (Please sms us if no one pick up your call and we will get back to you ASAP)

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Resellers/Shops please contact us for trade price.

You will find similar product which is a lot easier to install? Read before you buy!!!
You may find some similar products which is STICK onto the bumper and they are made by FOAM.
Yes it is easier to install for similar result BUT headacle will soon come after. Foam do not PROTECT your bumper AT ALL. One little touch on the footpath edges or speed hump will get yourself in big trouble. First, since they are made by foam, one touch on those edges will create HOLES on it which look disgusting. Second, if you decide to remove it, it is another headacle thanks to the 3M stickers. It takes you a lot of time to completely remove those ugly foam. Lastly, since they are foam, they look dull after a short period of time while our rubber will always look grossy.
Here's those E-Z Lip installed on a 1990 BMW 323i

 ook at the Pics, Notice How "Tape" didn't Hold the "E-Z Lip" in place after just a few "Scrapes, Scuffs, & Kissin' Curb Encounters. See how it "Performs"?,
Would YOU Now Use "Tape"?. Would YOU want the Knock-Off E-Z Lip Instead of the Original Dura-Flex-Lip JUST Because of an E-Z Install Method??.


This is how it will look like when you receive your item Unpack EPDM Trim High Silicone Flexible Rubber Product
Let It Relaxing a Bit The top section is where we mount it on your bumper/side skirts
Assuming the black board is your bumper/side skirts, use double side stickers to pre-install the lip bit by bit (Optional) and use screws to mount it under the bumper/side skits
Isnt it look SIMPLE, OEM and GREAT?!!?



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